Prepare for Your Big Day With This 90 Day Wedding Checklist

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Prepare for Your Big Day With This 90 Day Wedding Checklist

Anyone who has a wedding that they need to plan for no doubt wants it to be the most amazing experience for them and their guests. This calls for proper planning from you, something that having a good checklist can help you with. Here’s a 90 day wedding checklist that you can use to plan your wedding for the best outcome. Have a look at it and you may have an easier time getting some of the most important tasks out of the way and dealt with effectively. You’ll be happy to have done so if you manage to pull off the important day without a hitch.

Have You Sent Out Your Invitations?

Your guests should be informed about the details of your big day well in advance. From the venue and date to any requirements such as a dress code, it’s advisable to notify your guests early enough. Doing this will give them ample time to prepare themselves for the event so it can go ahead well. Depending on where you need to get the invitations, you may want to use a single delivery service and negotiate the rates to be a bit favorable if that’s possible. All too often, people plan for a wedding and get everything in place, forgetting about the invitations. Sending them out late can make it hard for your guests to prepare themselves well to attend, especially if some of them are from out of town. That said, once you’ve secured a venue and come up with a theme for the big day, the next thing to remember to do is to prepare and send the invitations out to your guests.

Is Your Wedding Venue Ready?

As mentioned, you need to settle on a venue before you can send out invitations. A 90 day wedding checklist cannot be complete if it doesn’t have securing a venue as one of the priorities. In order to get the best venue, you need to first think about the theme of your wedding. Some venues will be better suited for certain themes but not for others. As such, prioritize getting a venue and booking it once you’re sure that it’s what you want. This will help you to avoid a last-minute rush if different groups want to use the same venue. In this case, you may end up missing out on what would have been the perfect venue for your wedding. When looking for the right venue, your guest list is also important to consider. If you’ll have kids at your wedding, you should think about how to make things comfortable for them and their parents. To this end, you may want to look into a porta potty rental as part of your 90 day wedding checklist. When you find a venue, get the decor done well, and this will be a major task that’s out of the way.

What About the Decor?

The decor of your venue on the big day may be dictated by a number of things, such as the season, the theme of your wedding, and the venue itself. Remember that not all weddings need to have the same decor and you could go for a custom theme that, for example, doesn’t involve flowers if you don’t want any. If you want a certain type of flower, find out whether you’ll be able to get it in the season your wedding will be held in. Additionally, find out the price so that you know how much to budget for it. Alternatively, you could choose a different type of flower if the one that you want won’t work out for one reason or another. If you want to keep things personal and also save some money, you could choose to DIY your wedding decor. Before you decide to take this route, however, first find out what you can get done. If you’re pleased with the quality of what you can achieve and feel that you can handle the decor yourself, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Ask your friends and family if anyone’s willing to chip in and you can get to work coming up with the decor that you need for your big day. This is a crucial item in your 90 day wedding checklist, so don’t ignore it.

Does Your Dress Fit Properly?

While this may seem like an unnecessarily obvious reminder, it’s important to add fitting your dress to your 90 day wedding checklist. You may have shopped for dresses already and identified the one that feels perfect for you, but you need to make sure that it fits perfectly in order to avoid a disruptive scenario where it’s hours to the wedding and you don’t have a fitting wedding dress. If you already chose a dress but you did so early, it may no longer fit the same way as it did when you tried it because life happens. That said, make sure to go for a fitting close to the wedding day in order to spot any adjustments that need to be made. If you find any, there should be enough time for alterations services to fix whatever’s out of place. Having a fitting wedding dress will be priceless because of the confidence boost that you’ll enjoy. That said, go for as many fittings as necessary in order to be sure that your wedding dress is the perfect size for you.

Do You Have the Right Accessories?

Your accessories for the big day are just as important as your wedding dress. That’s why this is another important item to add to your 90 day wedding checklist. You should first decide the material that you want for your wedding jewelry before you head out to your chosen jeweler. When you know what you need, it may be easier for you to go shopping for it. Check the reviews of the jeweler whom you decide to shop from in order to be sure about their legitimacy. This will decrease the chances of getting defrauded or ending up with an experience that’s less than ideal. If you want to wear diamond earrings, for instance, look for legitimate jewelers who stock quality diamond pieces. Talk to them and hear them out before you decide on the next step to take and the whole process may be a walk in the park.

Are You in Good Shape for Dancing?

Remember that there’ll be dancing at the wedding and add getting fit to your 90 day wedding checklist. If you can move comfortably or stand for a long time without getting tired, you may have a great chance of enjoying the entire wedding event. That said, come up with a plan to improve your fitness, such as by signing up for martial arts classes. Whatever you feel will work to give you the results that you want, do it and you’ll be glad you did when the big day comes. You may also want to get in good shape so that you can fit into the wedding dress of your dreams. This is motivation enough for you to get a fitness plan underway as soon as you can and you’ll be glad that you did so. Getting in good shape shouldn’t just be something that you do for your wedding, but it should also be a part of your lifestyle. That said, take this opportunity to improve the rest of your life by getting in good shape.

Is Your Smile Photo-Ready?

Where there’s photography, there’s bound to be a lot of smiling. For this reason, add dental care to your 90 day wedding checklist. If you have an oral health issue that’s been troubling you for a while, head to a professional to prescribe a solution for you. Follow their advice in order to get a healthy set of teeth that will benefit you a lot, and not even just on your big day. If you simply want to improve the brightness of your smile or deal with misalignment issues, cosmetic dentistry can help you to achieve your goals. Do this early enough to allow for ample time to start and finish the treatments that you need to get done. You should also find reliable dental services if you currently have none. This will be another good investment to make for both your wedding day and your future. Let the professional that you work with know exactly what you’re working towards and what you hope to achieve so that they’ll know the lines along which to guide you for the perfect outcome.

Does Your Skin Look Fabulous?

Your skin, just like your teeth, should be photo-ready. This makes it important to add something like an acne reversal treatment to your 90 day wedding checklist, if you need one. If you don’t have acne but feel as if your skin is lifeless and could do with some improvement, you should talk to a professional such as the experts in medical spas. Just by looking at your skin and doing a few tests, they should be able to tell if there’s a solution that you can benefit from. This is another one of the tasks that you need to do early enough in order to allow time for finishing the treatment you get prescribed early enough. This will help ensure that your skin settles and if you need something else done, it will be easy to spot it and work on it. Even though you’ll probably wear makeup, it’s important for you to apply it on a good foundation. When you start with bright, healthy skin, it will be easy for you to get the outcome that you want. Your wedding photos will be evidence that you took care of your skin and glowed on your big day.

Have You Chosen a Makeup Artist?

As mentioned, you and your bridal team will likely need to wear makeup. This makes it important for you to look for a good makeup artist for the wedding day. While this is the last item in this 90 day wedding checklist, it’s not the least important. You should look for a makeup artist that will help you to realize the look that you want. Ask to see their portfolio so you can get an idea of what they’re capable of doing. If possible, you should also have a trial makeup application done by them before the wedding day. For example, you could have them do your makeup for a bridal shower or other event that you’ll have before the wedding. This will give you a practical and very reliable idea of what to expect. If you like their job, then go ahead and sign them up. Ask in advance about whether they do additional services that you may need, such as eyebrow waxing. This will enable you to be sure that everything’s in good shape for the wedding day.

This 90 day wedding checklist should help you to plan for your wedding and have a good chance of getting a memorable day. Take note of each item and you’ll have enough time to get it done properly. For the applicable items, you should consider having a backup plan in place just in case things don’t work out as planned. When you have a reasonable backup, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a great chance that your big day won’t be affected by anything. Use this 90 day wedding checklist as an addition to plans that you already have and you’ll have an easier time getting things done the right way. If you can get everything out of the way in good time, you’ll be sure to enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll have on your big day.


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